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Case Study:

Extend the Reach of a Niche Product

Scope of project...

  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Identity System Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Merchandise and Packaging Design
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Digital and Printed Marketing Assets
  • Product Photography
  • Video Production
  • Event Management

The Mission

Tabérumo is a raw spirulina producer.  They are scientists who developed and patented a unique flash-freezing process to stabilize the spirulina for stable shipping. Unlike other spirulina products that are dried by heat, Tabérumo retains all of the nutrients that are usually lost. As a raw product, spirulina doesn’t have a bad odor or taste of pills and powders. 

Tabérumo is more than just a spirulina producer.  They’re a passionate team of scientists with their eye towards the future and the looming food crisis. After receiving funding from private and public investment funds, they realized it was time to get serious about their marketing strategy. 

Our mission? To break out of the niche market demographic, women aged 40-55, and attract new customers. During this process, we should improve the messaging and positioning of the company. Finally, we should help Taberumo prepare for increases in production that would come from the development of their new facility.

The Outcome

Remark helped Tabérumo create a new brand and positioning, helping them focus on a new growing market while remaining true to the company’s principles and vision. We developed new online properties that cut their abandoned cart rate in half and increased cart recovery by 4x. We helped them establish new business development opportunities, increased product awareness and improved their education materials.




Discovery and Strategy

For the first month of our relationship, we dove deep into market research. From an in-depth exploration of the product and business practice to the analyzation of existing products and services, Remark studied until we fully understood our customer’s business model. Through a series of focus groups*, data analysis, and online market research, we uncovered several key findings that were the foundation of the work that followed. 

Overlay highlight: [Focus groups are small, demographically diverse groups of people whose reactions are studied. This practice, while generally unknown in Japan, is a core testing practice in the West. Through guided discussions of products, monitors can determine the reactions that can be expected from a larger population.]


Key Findings

  • Male audiences made up ⅓ of the online customers, but the imagery and messaging were directed toward women.
  • The abandoned cart rate was 75%. (An abandoned cart is when a customer adds a product to their online cart but decides not to buy and leaves the site without making a purchase.)
  • Over 80% of customers could not pronounce the name. (Originally: Tavelmout to represent a French spelling)
  • Audiences felt the packaging was too large.
  • Many felt concerned about the dark green color of spirulina.
  • Only 17% of Japanese know what spirulina is. 
  • Many customers felt the packaging size was too large which made it difficult to consume 1 pack.

Overcoming all of these challenges would be difficult, but we knew we could help Tabérumo with a stronger positioning and better audience segmentation.


Discovering New Audiences

Through a series of online market research tests, we identified five passion groups which create the foundation of our new audience:

  1. Endurance Sports Athletes
  2. Start-up Family
  3. Allergy Sufferers
  4. Vegan and Vegetarians
  5. General Health and Wellness Enthusiasts

Endurance Sports Athletes were the audience that had the highest growth opportunity. We devoted most of our activity to attracting them and addressing their biggest concerns while not disregarding the other four groups.

Defining the Brandimg-casestudy-papers

Through exercises in strategic sessions, we worked with the client to extract and refine the fundamental pillars of the brand. These pillars established the brand’s tone, voice, and manner.

Brand Tone, Voice, and Manner is the personality of the brand. It defines how a brand should look, sound, and behave.

Brand Attributes:

  • Purity
  • Harmony
  • Wellness
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Empowering


Understanding what the Tabérumo brand is and who they are a champion for, helped define the positioning statement of the organization. This set the tone for the redesign of the product logo, packaging, online presence, and events as well as help clarify the messaging.

Brand Positioning Statement

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Harmony

Testing: First focus group (August 2018)

Surveys and focus groups were conducted to provide the client feedback about their product and logo design.

Can You Read Tavelmout?
Do you know spirulina?
Have you tried spirulina?

The Impact

Brand Refresh

Remark developed an entire identity system to make sure every customer touch-point reflected the brand. The rebrand included updating the logo, introducing a new color palette, a new typeface, updated spelling for clarity, and nature-inspired design elements. This created a more cohesive experience and atmosphere for both the product design and its digital extensions.

The New Logo

We started with a broad assortment of options and checked them against the brand positioning but also in a series of international online tests where potential customers could pick their favorites. 


Overcoming the “Green” Challenge

We needed to address people’s hesitation about consuming something unfamiliar.  With only 17% awareness of spirulina and its benefits, the idea of eating a raw, very dark green product was a daunting barrier we knew we must overcome.

First, instead of hiding the green color, we leaned into it and made it appealing. Next, we needed to emphasize that spirulina was a food that you would want to eat.  

First Contact – The Package

We learned in our focus groups that the package opening process was where people showed the most hesitation.  We delivered a two-part solution. First, we improved the box, using the dark green and creating a friendly look and feel.  This was a subtle way to psychologically express the beauty and elegance of green. Second, we reduced the size of the package to make the user experience more approachable. 

[ Images of new packaging ]

Make It Look As Delicious As It Tastes

Foreigners know about spirulina, but for Japanese audiences, this superfood was still unfamiliar. Food is such an integral part of Japanese culture, so we wanted to make sure our hero visuals looked tasty. We worked with top-notch talents to create photos and videos that not only look edible but delicious! 





Remark helped us kick-start marketing and brand renewal during the new stage of our business. We appreciate Remark on contributing to the growth of our business as part of our team.


Satoko Toei



  • Strategy,
  • Discovery & Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Market Research
  • User Experience
  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy


  • Events
  • Brand Development & Rebranding
  • Logo & ID Systems
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Messaging
  • Collateral
  • Print & Packaging
  • Marketing Materials


  • Website Design & Development,
  • UX/UI
  • Information Architecture
  • Wire-framing
  • Marketing Automation Setup


  • Script Development
  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Illustration
  • Video
  • Production
  • Editing


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