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Brand Strategy Services

A dominant brand never takes its place accidentally. Creating public attention or transforming one-time visitors into long-term loyal brand fans requires vision, planning, and deliberate action.

Our brand strategy team can help you build a brand to last the test of time. We can enter at any stage of your brand’s life to provide guidance and help you implement the processes to build a strong brand over time.

In addition to helping new brands find their way, we can provide recovery recommendations and action plans for brands that have been damaged. 

Contact our team today to find out how we can build a strategy that makes your brand last. Read on to learn more about how our brand management services work, what practices may be applied, and answers to common questions.

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Is Building a Brand Worthwhile?

Any business can benefit from having a powerful and full-developed brand, and it can be as valuable an asset as your business property. Effective branding can drive free word-of-mouth marketing and give loyal customers a signal they can always spot on a crowded shelf. 

Developing your brand can also be a troubleshooting solution for problems with your sales funnel. When your visitors are hesitant to convert despite a great product, website design, and UI, it may be because they need more trust in your brand. 

Brands are particularly important in industries that depend on consumer trust. If you are working in a health, life, or financial field, building your brand may be the first priority of your digital marketing strategy.

Services: How We Create a
New Life
for Your Brand


Brand Strategy and
Brand Architecture

What it is:

An overall plan for your brand that charts the direction forward and gives you the tools to implement your vision.

What you get:

A detailed report charting the steps you need to follow to create your brand identity. The reports are developed using market research into your niche and target audience and may involve case studies and customer experience focus groups.

What it is:

Strategies focused on brand differentiation that helps you stand out from the pack. Positioning is particularly important in niches with many similar products or competitors. 

What you get:

The edge you need to stand out from the crowd. Our team will help you develop a unique brand with a brand story, brand voice, visual identity, messaging style, or other touchpoints that make your brand distinct from your competitors.


Brand Positioning and
Brand Messaging



What it is:

The work of building a brand through action and then measuring the results with the appropriate metrics. 

What you get:

Our team will help you plan, manage and execute improvements for your company’s brand based on your most recent goals. 

What it is:

A plan to revitalize your brand with a new look or message.

What you get:

A new brand experience to match your new brand values, new products, or other road marks. Our team can assist you with initial identity design and help you develop the brand guidelines that help you set your new posture. 


Brand Refresh



What it is:

A completely new feel for your brand. The focus of these strategies is not to merely refresh but to create a new original brand.

What you get:

Thorough research and plans that cover what your last brand missed about your value proposition and how your new one can do better. We can help you point your brand toward any goal. 

What it is:

New logos and other identifying graphics for your brand.

What you get:

A new brand experience to match your new brand values, new products, or other road marks. Our team can assist you with initial identity design and help you develop the brand guidelines that help you set your new posture. 


Logo and
ID Systems


Brand Style Guides

What it is:

Guides that help you create a consistent brand identity through formal style choices, such as fonts and grammar conventions.

What you get:

Easy-to-understand and distributable guides that you can use to create and reinforce brand practices across your entire organization. 

What it is:

Design and deployment strategies for traditional marketing materials

What you get:

Assistance applying your brand to all of your most important paper and offline communication materials, including mailers and product packages.


Brand Collateral,
Print, and Packaging

FAQs About Brand Strategy

What does it cost to put a brand strategy in place?

Brand strategies can be executed for budgets at all levels. There is no set cost for these strategies, as you can execute your plan at your chosen scope. Strategies in competitive markets may require months of work and hundreds of deliverables to have an impact.  

How long does it take to see results from a brand strategy?

The time it takes to see results from a brand strategy depends on your starting point and niche.  For example, if you already have a solid infrastructure for messaging (social media accounts, mailing lists, subscriber newsletters), you can position your brand quickly. 

However, if you don’t have any profiles to get your message out, building them must be part of your brand strategy. The timeline for your strategy will also depend on the amount of competition you’re facing. 

How do brand strategists help brands recover from damage?

Brand strategists can assist you with damage using services often called “reputation management.” Reputation management may involve plans for the brand to restore public trust through communication and commitments. It can also involve the management of search results to retire old results.

What Do You Need From Your Brand Strategy?

Talk to us today if it’s time for your new startup or established institution to create a new brand experience for your customers. Our combined research, marketing, and management experience will be used to develop a new identity design for your needs.

Our team can fully support you when you need the services of a brand agency. We can advise on direct marketing campaigns that reinforce or add cumulative benefits to your branding efforts.

Let us help you develop a brand strategy to stand out in your market.