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Integrated Marketing Services

Increase the reach and power of your marketing communication channels by integrating them into a unified marketing strategy. Our team uses planning, training, and process implementation to focus all of your online and offline resources on communicating the same message.


The consolidation and full control of your existing channels is possible through tight procedures, modern marketing automation solutions, and other improvements. Below, you can learn how we can help you send a crystal clear message to your target audience.

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Why Do Integrated Marketing Services Matter?

Businesses often rely on many different channels to communicate with their customers. It’s not uncommon for even small businesses to message through all of the following channels simultaneously:


  • Landing pages
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Email marketing lists
  • Direct mail
  • Online advertising
  • Traditional TV or radio ads
  • Graphics and visual aids


Unless these channels are designed from the ground up to coordinate with one another, it is easy for them to become a mess of competing messages and dead profiles. All of these problems can get in the way of conversions, brand awareness, public relations and other goals.


Our integrated marketing services correct this problem by realigning all of your channels. This process can have additional benefits. For example, aligning the messaging on your online properties can improve your SEO, and clearer communication can reduce the weight on your customer support services.


Is every part of your company mobilized to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy? Are different channels across your company sending mixed signals to customers and failing to reinforce time-sensitive information? Find out how our services can help.

What Are
Integrated Marketing Services?

These services involve longer-term partnership that provide amplified short and long-term returns. They involve fully optimized strategies, processes, and performance recommendations with solutions best suited to your situation. Here are some of the integrated marketing solutions that may be involved:


Team optimization

What it is:

A deep look at your marketing procedures and the teams involved. For many companies, tighter team structures, and more efficient processes and methodologies prove to be the key to jump-starting growth.

What you get:

A full examination of your processes and output and recommendations for unification and improvement. In the past, we’ve helped companies unleash the full potential of their talent, and enhance performance by:

  • Reorganizing teams
  • Streamlining communication and meetings
  • Crystallizing methodologies
  • Establishing a clear chain of command
  • Strengthening team motivation and shared purpose
What it is:

An introduction for teams that have not collaborated with marketing agencies in the past.

What you get:

A basic introduction to the modern marketing landscape. This is available for teams on request and can take the form of a briefing for your employees. 


Marketing Startup


Marketing Bootcamp

What it is:

An intensive workshop for teams looking to build on their existing knowledge base, and refine their strategies, processes, and structure.

What you get:

Everything your team needs to get up-to-date with the latest marketing practices. We’ll get all of your other departments ready to implement your integrated marketing campaign. 

What it is:

We implement marketing strategies and tactics together with your team while transferring best practices, and all the brand-specific intelligence and data acquired.

What you get:

Hands-on, knowledge-sharing workshops are customized to suit different skill sets. They’re also highly recommended for non-marketing teams, as optimal results stem from full alignment across your organization. 

  • Real-time coaching on brand-specific best practices that ensures:
  • Increased proficiency in digital marketing
  • A home-grown team of in-house marketing specialists
  • Smoother alignment with marketing efforts

Hands-On Upskilling

FAQs About Integrated Marketing Services

What is the main goal of integrated marketing?

The main goal of integrated marketing is to help you achieve more control over the impression you leave on customers. When the right solutions are applied, the company can effectively speak with “one voice” across all of the different channels that it operates. This ensures that your message is consistent.


It also helps you avoid image problems. For example, if customers come across a profile with your branding that’s stale, has out-of-date information, or has been taken over and used as a joke account, your reputation can suffer.


Even when scattered channels don’t actively cause problems, they can frustrate your efforts to get a message across. Great messages you craft may not reach your customers, even when you’ve already gone to the trouble of collecting them as subscribers.

What role does automation play in integrated marketing?

Automation is an essential part of many integrated marketing plans. Using the right automation processes, it is possible to:

  • Update all or most of your social media profiles simultaneously
  • Respond to customer feedback from many channels in one location
  • Integrate all leads from all sources into a single system for review and action

Our team is familiar with many automation tools, and we can help your team adopt them through our Bootcamp and Upskilling services. 

Does integrated marketing include offline and traditional sources?

Your integrated marketing plan can include traditional paid advertising and other legacy channels. Including these channels in your plan is typically a matter of applying style guides and other resources so that traditional ads still carry your signature look and messaging.

Learn How Integrated Marketing Services Can Power Your Business

The more channels and properties you have across your company, the more power you may be able to unlock with integrated marketing services. 

Our team will provide your team with everything necessary to bring existing channels together. We can also help you plan the deployment of new channels that are ready to support your campaigns as soon as they’re built.

Contact us right now to get started.