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Tabérumo Raw Spirulina Case Study

Raising brand awareness of a niche health food product

The Mission

Tabérumo is a raw spirulina producer that developed and patented a unique flash-freezing process to stabilize the spirulina for stable shipping. Unlike other spirulina products that are dried by heat, Tabérumo retains all of the nutrients that are usually lost. As a raw product, spirulina doesn’t have a bad odor or taste of pills and powders. 

Tabérumo is more than just a spirulina producer.  They’re a passionate team of scientists with their eye towards the future and the looming food crisis. After receiving funding from private and public investment funds, they realized it was time to get serious about their marketing strategy. 

Our mission? Raise awareness and break out of the niche market demographic (women aged 40-55) and attract new customers. During this engagement, we were tasked with improving the messaging and positioning of the company as a global company. Finally, we should help Tabérumo prepare for increases in production that would come from the development of their new facility.

  • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Narrative and Messaging
  • Brand Identity Design
  • eCommerce UX and UI Design
  • Merchandise and Packaging Design
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Digital and Print Asset Library
  • Product Photography
  • Event Management

Remark GPS

Gather, Process, Strategize

Remark will always diagnose before we prescribe—that's why we created Remark GPS.

For the first month of our relationship, we dove deep into market research. From an in-depth exploration of the product and business practice to the analysis of existing products and services, Remark studied until we fully understood our customer’s business model. Through a series of focus groups, data analysis, and online market research, we uncovered several key findings that were the foundation of the work that followed. 

Key Findings
  • Male audiences made up ⅓ of the online customers, but the imagery and messaging were directed toward women.
  • The abandoned cart rate was 75%. (An abandoned cart is when a customer adds a product to their online cart but decides not to buy and leaves the site without making a purchase.)
  • Over 80% of customers could not pronounce the name. (Originally: Tavelmout to represent a French spelling)
  • Audiences felt the packaging was too large.
  • Many felt concerned about the dark green color of spirulina.
  • From our research, we found only 17% of the audience knew what spirulina was. 
  • In our focus groups, we found most customers felt the packaging size was too large which made it difficult to consume 1 pack.

Overcoming all of these challenges would be difficult, but we knew we could help Tabérumo with a stronger positioning and better audience segmentation.


Overcoming spirulina biases and stereotypes

Every company faces unique challenges in the consumer market.  We realized early on through our testing that Tabérumo was facing a steep uphill journey. Only 18% of surveyed markets had heard of spirulina.  Only 7.4% had even tried spirulina. Adding to those challenges, only 25.9% could pronounce the name with the current spelling Tavelmout. While the name was intended to convey a luxurious French feeling, it created confusion for the brand as customers struggled to talk about the brand.

The Outcome


Reduced abandoned cart rate


Cart recovery


Increase in social followers


A new brand to reach new audiences

Remark helped Tabérumo create a new brand and positioning, helping them focus on a new growing market while remaining true to the company’s principles, Japanese heritage, and vision. We developed new online properties, slashing its abandoned cart rate in half and increased cart recovery by 4x. We helped them establish new business development opportunities, increased product awareness, and improved their educational materials.

Remark helped us kick-start marketing and brand renewal during the new stage of our business. We appreciate Remark on contributing to the growth of our business as part of our team.


Teaming up with Tastemade for 1M+ views and creating a host of high-quality video assets

By building a brand relationship with Tastemade, we were able to increase awareness of Tabérumo in a way never before done. In addition to the brand lift, our video assets helped raise the quality profile of the product and help justify the luxury health food price point.

Discovering and uncovering new audiences

Through a series of online market research tests, we identified five passion groups which create the foundation of our new audience:

Endurance Sports Athletes were the audience that had the highest growth opportunity. We devoted most of our activity to attracting them and addressing their biggest concerns while not disregarding the other 4 groups.

  • Endurance Sports Athletes
  • Start-up Family
  • Allergy Sufferers
  • Vegan and Vegetarians
  • General Health and Wellness Enthusiasts

Successfully delivering awareness

We were able to successfully raise brand awareness for Tabérumo to levels not seen prior.  We helped transform this innovative product from something customers were uncertain about into a trustworthy brand. Through our testing, we helped guide Tabérumo in creating a new friendly single-serving package which made the product more approachable. 

We anxiously await to see how this product will be received once available in the international market. In the meantime, we stand ready to help you.

We can help you grow.

If you saw something you liked, or if you'd just like to learn more, we'd love to hear from you. There is no template for the work that we do.  Each client we work with has unique challenges, and we offer unique prescriptions to help them grow. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve helped companies just like yours determine their next steps.  Reach out to us.

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