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Case Study: A Sophisticated Brand Identity for Zyrus

Instilling Confidence and Enabling Growth


Zyrus, a dynamic technology company, sought a sophisticated brand identity that would instill confidence in its CEO during high-stakes business meetings. The company's original logo lacked character, failing to distinguish Zyrus in the competitive tech landscape. Moreover, Zyrus required a robust web solution with marketing automation functions, prompting a two-month engagement with Remark to revamp their brand identity and implement HubSpot's CRM, Marketing Hub, and Website CMS.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Marketing Consultation

The Challenge

The challenges of this project were twofold. Firstly, Zyrus' name didn't provide a natural link to any recognizable concepts, posing a difficulty in creating a unique and memorable visual representation. Secondly, implementing Hubspot, a software unfamiliar to the Japanese market, posed an exciting yet unpredictable venture.


zyrus site_t



Solution and Execution

Remark responded to the challenge with a minimalist and sophisticated "letter mark" style logo design. Four unique design concepts were crafted, one of which immediately captivated the Zyrus team, negating the need for further iterations. Simultaneously, Remark successfully implemented HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub with Website CMS, transforming Zyrus' marketing automation and sales capabilities.



The Turning Point

In stepping into his new role, the CEO aimed to make a substantial impact, not just with customers but within the company as well. The reimagined brand identity was seen as a rallying point for the team, propelling Zyrus into a promising future. Despite Hubspot's relatively unknown status in Japan, choosing to implement it turned out to be a significant decision, catapulting Zyrus to the forefront of digital marketing innovation.

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