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Marketing Groundwork Services

Everything starts with the foundation, and the most powerful marketing strategies need to rest on a foundation of data. Fresh data allows you to target the right audiences across the right channels, using the terminology buyers and search engines can most easily understand. 

We’ll help you answer common questions about your future, such as:

  • Which social media platform offers the most potential for growth?
  • Should I be targeting small businesses or consumers directly?
  • How much is my target audience willing to spend on new products? 
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When you’re starting from scratch, our team can create a foundation strong enough to support your future marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts will be guided by the decades of experience our team brings to launching a new marketing campaign.

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We apply the proprietary REMARK GPS (Gather, Process, Strategize) method to launch startups and realigned businesses toward success in markets they haven’t entered before. Contact us to start your journey, or learn more about our process below. 



Why Groundwork Matters

Moving forward without studying where you currently are can result in wasting thousands of dollars on content that doesn’t engage, ads that repel readers with outdated terminology, and product or service names that confuse search engines.

All of this is completely avoidable with the right groundwork efforts to understand your buyers and niche. We have a proven process for gathering and interpreting this data for you. It involves a thorough look at not just your industry and your buyers, but your current process, team structures, toolsets, and more.

Groundwork allows us to follow up with performance-based strategies that can drive growth in more predictable and reliable ways. 

Our Solutions: We Help You to
Lay a Foundation


Remark GPS - Discovery and Research

What it is:

 A proven process that includes in-depth research on your business, industry, market, and buyer psychology, thorough analysis of your business processes, team structure, and organization, toolsets, and data, risks and opportunities, and detailed growth-strategy mapping.

What you get:

Comprehensive, time-bound, data-driven strategies and tactics.

What it is:

A marketing plan developed for your custom needs.

What you get:

Actionable steps you can follow to reach your next big goal, whether breaking into a market or launching a product. Your strategy will be backed up by data interpreted by marketing professionals with multiple areas of expertise.




Data Analysis

What it is:

Interpretation of existing or newly commissioned data.

What you get:

Fully demystified data with vital patterns and insights highlighted so you can move quickly to action. We’ll lay out what any figures can tell you about the best strategy for moving forward.

What it is:

Organized panels of your customers and detailed reports into their opinions.

What you get:

Authentic insights into how the market sees your products and services. Focus groups can help you get answers to questions that shouldn’t simply be theorized about.


Focus Groups


Market Research

What it is:

Detailed reports into your market and its participants

What you get:

Pages and pages of deep insights into your buyers and competitors. We help you understand where expansion is possible, who you must compete with, and what it will take to win. 

What it is:

Profiles to help you truly understand your customers

What you get:

Detailed reports that help you understand existing and target consumer bases. Our personas will help you target your audience on a deeper level that considers their experiences and point-of-view toward your product.


User Persona Development

FAQs About Groundwork

How long does it take to lay the groundwork for marketing strategies?

The time it takes to complete the groundwork will depend on several factors, with the availability of data being an important one. 

Some niches (Home renovation, for example) are supported by professional organizations that publish market research data for their members. In other niches, no one is publishing data, and you’ll have to do all of your research independently. 

Another factor is the length of your runway. You may have limited time to launch and need crucial insights now rather than after a more thorough research process. 

Our team can help you handle either path. Research is always a step that can be performed on an ongoing basis. We’ll always respect and build around your budget so that you get the best insights at the price that’s right for you. 

Can I customize my marketing groundwork plan?

All groundwork plans are completely customized for the clients ordering them. If we can fully research your company and processes, we will usually provide custom advice on issues that may be holding you back.

Some companies may need to overcome credibility hurdles before anything else. For example, bad web design or site design can undermine your marketing efforts. Others may significantly benefit from newer advertising forms such as podcasts.

What is tracked and studied in your market research?

We will recommend certain types of research for most niches, and then for some others, we may recommend more in-depth additions. 

In many cases, we also examine your competitors. Our research may cover the sales process used by other business owners in the niche, their ads, email marketing, or content marketing strategies.

Let Us Help You Develop a Plan for Long-Term Success

Our digital marketing agency can help when you need to develop an online presence for new products or a whole new company. 

We can build the foundation you need to launch informed, successful marketing campaigns—not just SEO, but even the processes your team uses to collect data, build content, and measure the user experience.

Contact us today for a consultation.