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Customer Experience (CX) Services

A great customer experience doesn’t happen by chance. Your goals, such as better sales, customer retention, or higher customer satisfaction scores, all depend on creating positive customer engagement. Sometimes, your own interfaces or design choices are in the way.

We study what your customers see, sense, pay attention to, and feel during the entire customer journey, from before they buy to the post-purchase period when they are using the product in their daily lives. 

We identify all the ways you create the overall customer experience and recommend a customer-centric CX strategy to improve it.  

Learn more about the CX services below, including our practices and answers to top questions. 

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Changes in CX can have different results depending on your product and niche. Improvements can reduce the number of necessary customer support interactions, strengthen customer loyalty, and reduce customer churn.   

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As your CX team, we’ll seek to remove obstacles to your customer’s satisfaction wherever we find them. We’ll work to ensure that your designs meet customer expectations and measure the results using metrics built around your needs.



Who Needs Customer Experience Services?

Any type of customer interaction can be improved. As your CX team, we’ll focus on the areas that matter most to you. We can apply many solutions to disentangle complicated interfaces, soothe or excite with superior design choices, or balance information to make complex instructions more digestible. 

CX is particularly important in customer care. Chatbots, self-service guided FAQs, and other forms of automation can help you provide real-time support at all hours. However, they are also a common source of frustration. We can review and update scripts, apply sound testing to automated voice lines, and perform other tasks to provide a good customer experience.

Support systems are one example of an area where we can apply our expertise, but that’s only the start. Let us assist you with CX research, design, prototype assessment, website design/development, and more.

What Are
Customer Experience


User Experience Research

What it is:

A thorough examination of how your product, service, website, or app interacts with your customers’ perceptions. We document how the customer relationship happens and what is experienced at each stage. 

What you get:

Detailed reports and strategies to help you address problem areas and measure the results of CX improvements. We give you actionable insights you can use to understand customer needs and follow up with a strategy to address them. These insights can help you create more comfortable products in the planning stage or troubleshoot poor responses after a launch.

What it is:

The application of CX expertise to plan designs that are simpler, more satisfying, or more engaging. This expertise can be applied to products, online properties, and apps. 

What you get:

Designs that are considerate of the people using them. You also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that avoidable CX frustrations won’t threaten an otherwise excellent product.


CX/UX/UI Design


Information Architecture

What it is:

The thoughtful planning of information and its presentation to provide the most intuitive and resistance-free experience to users.

What you get:

The advice and support you need to provide large amounts of information for your users. Information architecture can make information less intimidating to read. As a result, it can increase user satisfaction, encourage compliance with safety recommendations, and help you achieve other goals. 

What it is:

A visual layout of existing or future pages on your website or app to help you to understand how your website works at-a-glance.

What you get:

Deep but easily clarified insights into how your website or app behaves for users. Find out how many steps users take to perform specific tasks, whether your pages can be easily accessed, and how often your central message is communicated. 





What it is:

CX planning expertise applied to products before they launch to spot possible problems and prevent avoidable recalls.

What you get:

A thorough exploration of your product that identifies all the elements that interfere with the experience you intended for your user. Multiple areas of expertise come together to provide an informed outside perspective. 

What it is:

It’s website design structured to create the ideal user experience. CX improvements can be applied at any stage of planning and after launch.

What you get:

The advice and experience you need to launch websites that are pleasing to use. Early in the design process, we can help you to create standards and guidelines that can ensure your site remains user-focused for its entire lifespan. 


Website Design and Development

FAQs About Your Customer’s Experience

How Is the Customer Experience Measured?

Defining and measuring the customer experience often takes intensive research. There may be easy-to-spot issues that can be solved by applying modern style and readability standards to elements like color choice, typography, and page layout. These changes can be measured using modern marketing testing methods. 

Split-testing (running two versions of a page and measuring user responses) is one method that can be used to demonstrate user preference. Technology such as eye and mouse trackers can also provide clues into what grabs the most attention from users.

Polling and customer feedback may be used in some projects to get personal testimony about user experiences. Survey respondents and focus groups can vocalize customer touchpoints more effectively than some data. 

Our research teams can examine the entire omnichannel of your customer-facing operations (including social media, websites, packaging, and more) to find out what message your customers receive.

How Do You Create a Better Customer Experience?

Every customer experience strategy must be unique to capture the needs of customers in that niche and region. The right path will also depend on what work you’ve already done to ensure a positive customer experience. 

The following practices may be recommended or used in strategies designed around creating a great CX for users:

  • Website Improvements: Content and graphical improvements for your website pages, ranging from minor improvements in consistency or digital transformations of your brand image through your website.
  • Reordering of Information or Navigation Systems: Overhauls of complex but essential technical information to ensure that it is accessible and designed to maintain attention. 
  • Customer service experience and support team overhauls: Your customer service teams are given new scripts, training, or objectives to change how they handle communications.
  • Extended customer experience management (CXM): We assist you throughout the design and launch process, providing CXM as needed in each stage.

Build Brand Loyalty and Pad the Bottom Line with Better CX

The customer experience you provide may have a wider reach than you imagine. Customer success and failure can quickly spread as word-of-mouth in forums, social media, and general life. Let our team help you support you as you build a CX infrastructure to take your brand into the future.