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Accelerate your marketing performance.

Gain valuable insights from your marketing reporting with integrated historical and real-time data with RADAR.

Remark’s Advanced Data Analytics Reporting


The next step in digital marketing evolution.

Digital marketing reporting has become essential for businesses of all sizes to reach and engage with their target audience. However, despite data collection, technology, and analytics advancements, integrating historical with real-time data remains one of the biggest challenges digital marketers face. 

Fully integrated real-time and historical data.

4 out of 5 companies say they struggle to integrate real-time and historical data.

Make campaign decisions
in real time.

With timely actionable reports, you can make real-time decisions about you marketing strategies, which can help you respond quickly to market changes and customer behavior.

Improve campaign performance
with vital insights.

Integrated data reporting helps you identify and address issues with your marketing campaigns in real-time, which can lead to improved campaign performance and increased ROI.

Better understand customer behavior.

Our integrated data reports provide you with a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences, which can inform future marketing decisions and strategies.

Increase your marketing efficiency.

Increase efficiency by reducing the time and resources required to analyze and interpret data, which can lead to better and more informed decision-making.

Ready to take your marketing reporting to the next level?

Sign up for RADAR today and start accessing fully-integrated, real-time data from all of your data sources. With customizable dashboards, automated reporting, powerful data visualization tools, and actionable insights, RADAR can help you make data-driven decisions that improve your campaigns and drive better results. 

You create it. We integrate it.

beautiful dashboard

We get it—you’re busy. You shouldn’t have to pore over data wondering if you’re missing reports and struggling to gain insights. That’s our job.  With RADAR you can integrate any relevant data and we’ll figure out how to display in a way that you can consistently get a real-time snapshot of your business.

filtering data

Need to track 3PL so you can coordinate your product arrival with an upcoming campaign? No problem. Want to compare revenue from promo codes from influencers versus programmatic ads? Can do. RADAR puts the data that matters to you in one place, at your fingertips. No more chasing down reports. No more complicated spreadsheets. Just glorious metrics that matter.

The best of both worlds.

GA3 and GA4 co-mingled integrated data. 

It’s a little-known secret that Google Analytics will no longer create the reports we have become dependent on. Worse still, there is no integrated reporting for GA3 and GA4. RADAR can give you the reports you have come to love and integrates with GA4’s new tracking.

Say goodbye to these headaches and more.

Manual reporting is so 2020.

Never wait for a meaningless report again. Marketing today requires speed, accuracy, and collaboration, but most marketing teams still complain about these items and more!

Lack of data accuracy and timeliness

Digital marketing campaigns generate a massive amount of data, and without proper data management, it can be difficult to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data being reported. This can result in incorrect or misleading insights, which can negatively impact the success of a marketing campaign.

Incomplete data reporting

Incomplete data reporting can occur when data is not collected from all sources or when certain data points are not included in reports. This can result in a lack of insights into the full impact of a marketing campaign and can also lead to incorrect conclusions about the success of a campaign.

Lack of meaningful insights and actionable recommendations

Reports that simply present data without any context or interpretation can be confusing and unhelpful. Without clear insights, it can be difficult to determine what steps to take to improve the success of a marketing campaign.

Lack of collaboration and communication between teams

Poor reporting can also occur due to a lack of collaboration and communication between teams. This can result in inconsistent reporting standards, conflicting data, and a lack of coordination between different departments and teams.

Learn how we can help you integrate your data.

Contact us and we'll walk you through the steps to start integrating your data and gaining access to real-time insights for your marketing reporting.

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