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Case Study: Sasakawa Sports Foundation

English Website Revamp

Services Provided

In a four-month endeavor, Remark partnered with the Sasakawa Sports Foundation to breathe new life into their digital presence. Our mission was clear: reinvigorate the foundation's English website with a focus on content strategy, web user experience, responsive web design, existing brand identity refinement for English language audiences, and meticulous copywriting, translation, and transcreation.

  • Content Strategy
  • Web User Experience
  • Web Redesign
  • Existing Brand Identity Refinement for English Language Audiences
  • Transcreation
  • Verbal Design
  • Photography

The Goal

Our purpose was twofold: to enhance the foundation's visibility among English-speaking audiences and to amplify awareness of their impactful work. The Sasakawa Sports Foundation had a clear vision but faced difficulties in communicating their value to a broader international audience. The previous site, although informative, lacked the power to inspire and foster engagement, which led the president, a forward-thinking leader, to initiate this transformative project.



*Previous SSF visual identity and website shown above


The Challenge

A myriad of challenges lay before us. The existing design wasn't optimized for the user experience, the user interface lacked dynamism, and the overall customer experience was lackluster. Our biggest hurdle was to not only transform the existing content and design but also to ensure the website encapsulated the foundation's spirit, mission, and the tremendous value they bring to society.



The Solution

Our approach began with adjusting the verbal design, moving from a mere informative style to a more inspiring narrative that reflected the foundation's mission. We weaved an engaging brand narrative, handpicked aspirational and inclusive imagery, updated the language pertaining to people with special needs to reflect current usage and styles, and made crucial enhancements to the logo to increase readability. We opted for dynamic, energetic fonts to mirror the sports-centric audience.

An essential part of our strategy involved thorough interviews with key stakeholders at the beginning of the engagement, capturing their stories, visions, and aspirations. This critical step facilitated a deep understanding of the foundation's ethos, which we then infused into every aspect of the website. We also updated the photographs of the key members to create a more personable and engaging user experience.

ssf 8_t

The Gamble

The most significant gamble was our decision to rejuvenate the foundation's logo. While there was no direct request for this change, our creative team believed that the old version lacked readability due to the font. This audacious move involved a level of risk, but at Remark, we value honesty and authenticity. We strive to deliver what we genuinely believe is best for the client, even if it means taking a calculated risk.

In the end, the payoff was huge. The new logo now stands as a testament to the foundation's vibrant spirit, enhancing the brand identity among English-speaking audiences.

The Impact

The Sasakawa Sports Foundation has since successfully launched their revamped English site, starting to draw attention from international organizations. But the impact goes far beyond mere visibility. The newly minted website now serves as a beacon of the foundation's mission, effectively "Enriching lives through the power of sport." It stands as a powerful platform that not only informs but inspires, elevates, and galvanizes the audience to the foundation's cause.

This successful rebranding project also serves as a reminder of the transformative power of well-thought-out design and engaging narratives. It is a testament to the fact that an organization's digital presence can become a driving force for expanding its reach and inspiring its audience, adding a level of intrinsic value that extends far beyond the confines of the digital realm.

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