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Crafting an Inspiring Digital Presence for NafiaS®

English Language Website Creation


NafiaS®, a nano fiber technology trailblazer, consistently pioneers unique, environmentally conscious technological solutions. Their innovative approach places them at the forefront of their industry, poised for global impact. Find out more about their ground-breaking journey here.

Project Duration: 
An Intense Sprint from June 14th to July 7th 2023

  • English Transcreation
  • Website Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Content Creation
  • Web Design and User Interface
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Project Goals:

We were tasked with a mission that was as clear as it was ambitious: To build a English-facing presence for NafiaS®. The target was an English website that served not merely as a resource hub, but a storytelling medium that echoed NafiaS's pioneering ethos while exuding trust. Our objective was to weave a digital narrative that not only informed but inspired potential global partners.



*Japanese Language NafiaS visual identity and website shown above


Compelling Event: 

A swiftly approaching fashion/textile exhibition in Italy served as the catalyst. Without an English website, NafiaS® was missing a crucial tool to showcase their innovations on the global stage.

We found ourselves racing against time, aiming to birth a high-quality, engaging website that met all requirements within a stringent time frame.



The Solution:

At Remark, we believe in marrying art, craft and science, employing a delicate balance of creative flair and strategic insight to bring NafiaS's vision to life. Our solution was to use a culturally-nuanced transcreation approach, which meant more than simple translation. It involved capturing cultural subtleties and current trends, and translating them into a voice that resonates with a global audience. We deployed meticulous planning and maintained continuous communication with the client, ensuring we met the tight deadline without sacrificing the quality NafiaS® envisioned.

nafias logo_t

The Gamble:

On July 5th 2023, a key moment unfolded. We presented NafiaS® with an almost final version of the website. This collaborative review ensured the site's alignment with their expectations, allowing us to implement adjustments ahead of the deadline.

The Impact:

The result was a compelling, user-friendly English website that mirrors NafiaS's ethos, innovative potential, and ambitious vision. The site doesn't just inform; it inspires. The client's complete satisfaction stands as testimony to the success of our endeavor.

Iphone 14 Pro_t


"Remark took on the challenge of creating our English brand site, exceeding expectations. Their transcreation service goes beyond translation, capturing cultural nuances and current trends, providing the most attractive representation of our business. They dedicated considerable time to understand our company, impressing us with their commitment. Remark isn't just an agency; they are a powerful ally for Japanese companies considering overseas expansion." - NafiaS

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