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Case Study: GRCS

A Transformation from Nanaroq through Brand Identity Redesign and Marketing Innovation

The Goal

GRCS, a forward-thinking Japanese software services company, embarked on a rebranding journey with Remark over a span of five months. Formerly known as Nanaroq, GRCS aimed to redefine their company name, aligning it more closely with the services they provided, making it simpler and more intuitive for their customers and employees. Alongside this, GRCS wanted to harness the power of Hubspot, a challenge that the Remark team was ready to tackle.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Design Consulting - Print and Digital
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Hubspot Platform Integration

The Catalyst

As the company grew, it became evident that the original name, Nanaroq, no longer encapsulated the breadth and depth of the work GRCS accomplished. The decision to switch to a more direct and understandable name — GRCS (governance, risks, compliance and security) — signaled the start of a comprehensive rebranding journey.



*Previous GRCS (Nanaroq) visual identity and website shown above


Challenges and Solutions

Training on the new Hubspot platform was identified as the primary challenge of the project. To address this, the Remark team facilitated comprehensive training sessions, ensuring seamless integration of the Hubspot platform into GRCS's operations.

In terms of brand identity, the Remark team created a sophisticated and elegant new brand identity, featuring an intriguing "zen garden" graphic. The new brand was streamlined and visually compelling, a fitting reflection of GRCS's innovative spirit. Visual print and imagery guidelines were also defined and delivered in a comprehensive brand guideline deck.



A Leap of Faith

A significant turning point in the project was the decision to transition to a cleaner, thinner presentation of the logo, in stark contrast to the thicker version GRCS previously used. This seemingly minor change yielded a profound impact on the overall visual appeal and sophistication of the brand.


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