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Our expertise, delivered on your terms

We are Remark. We deliver results.

Learn about our growth marketing services, delivered on your terms.
Choose from one of our four flexible engagements to begin, or learn more about our end-to-end capabilities.



Quick Hit, No Commitment

Zero risk, zero commitment: Valuable insights, right away

Quick-turn triage: What are your challenges/goals? Tell us; we’ll rapidly diagnose the root cause(s), and make recommendations to catalyze growth. Or, start with a quick check-in to see how you’re doing. Score your current strategy with this 1-minute DIY Healthcheck.




Smart Start, Big Impact

Fully-integrated growth-marketing strategy: Robust results, maximum efficiency


  • RemarkGPS—Gather, Process, Strategize

    What it is: A proven process that includes in-depth research (on your business, industry, market, and buyer psychology), thorough analysis (of your business processes, team structure and organization, toolsets and data, risks and opportunities), and detailed growth-strategy mapping

    What you get: Comprehensive, time-bound, data-driven strategies and tactics

  • Evaluation and Calibration

    What it is: Continuous monitoring, testing, and optimization of marketing efforts

    What you get: Maximum value from every marketing dollar spent, and results that grow your business

  • Reporting and Analysis via the RADAR dashboard

    What it is: Clear, concise, and consistent reporting on all marketing activities

    What you get: Complete transparency and full visibility on marketing efforts, and a better understanding of which strategies produce the best results


Deep Dive, Lasting Value

Longer-term partnership: Amplified short- and long-term returns, fully optimized strategies, processes, and performance


  • Team optimization:

    Tightened structures, processes, methodologies, and collaboration: Teams that are working at their full potential

    What it is: Often, your obstacles to growth might seem marketing-related. But it could be something else entirely. For many companies, tighter team structures, and more efficient processes and methodologies prove to be the key to jump-starting growth.

    What you get: In the past, we’ve helped companies unleash the full potential of their talent, and enhance performance by:

    • Reorganizing teams
    • Streamlining communication and meetings
    • Crystallizing methodologies
    • Establishing a clear chain of command
    • Strengthening team motivation and shared purpose

  • Marketing Startup: For teams who’d like a basic introduction to marketing

  • Marketing Bootcamp: For teams looking to build on their existing knowledge base, and refine their strategies, processes, and structure

  • Hands-on Upskilling

    Real-time coaching on brand-specific best practices that ensures:

    • Increased proficiency in digital marketing

    • A home-grown team of in-house marketing specialists

    • Smoother alignment with marketing efforts

    What it is: We implement marketing strategies and tactics—together with your team—while transferring best practices, and all the brand-specific intelligence and data acquired. Our hands-on, knowledge-sharing workshops are customized to suit different skillsets. They’re also highly recommended for non-marketing teams, as optimal results stem from full alignment across your organization. 



All-inclusive, 360° Support

Complete support, no holds barred: Everything needed to achieve your goals

Leverage all the strengths that Remark has to offer—you get maximum value for minimal investment. No matter how complex the challenges, we’ll step in and fix them, in the order and priority that makes the most sense for your business. Rest easy, because we won’t. Not until we’ve delivered results.

Growth accelerates with end-to-end capabilities

A-list specialists. Persistent problem solvers. Insightful growth doctors. And caring partners ready to go the extra mile for you.
Choose one of the categories below to learn more.


Ensure the fundamentals of your marketing activities.

  • Remark GPS - Discovery & Research
  • Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Market Research
  • User Persona Development

Brand Strategy

Your brand is your identity. It's the personality your customers understand your company to be. What does your brand say about your company?


  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Refresh
  • Rebranding
  • Logo & ID Systems
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Collateral, Print, & Packaging


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast field.  If you don't see something here, it's probably bundled under one of our other services.  If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us and we'll let you know if we can help. 

  • Remark’s Advanced Data Analytics Reporting (RADAR) Dashboard
  • Measurement, Testing & Tracking
  • Paid Search
  • Digital Display


Creative & Content

We love creating high-quality creative assets.  But make no mistake. Our goal isn't just to produce something beautiful–we use creative assets to drive growth.

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Channel + Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Strategy + Execution
  • Print + Outdoor
  • Social + Mobile
  • Email + SMS
  • Video & Motion Graphics (Development, Storyboarding, Production, Editing)
  • Graphics & Illustration
  • Branded Content


Customer Experience

Every touchpoint in the customer journey is an opportunity to build trust, educate and guide your customer to a transaction.

  • User Experience Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Prototypes
  • Website Design & Development

Technology Consulting

Confused about which tools to use or how to use your existing marketing tools? We can help.

  • Custom Content Management Systems
  • Marketing Automation Systems
  • CRM systems
  • SEO Evaluation Tools
  • Marketing Management Systems