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Digital Customer Experience: Who It Affects, and Why It's So Important

As we dive deeper into the digital age, the way businesses interact with their customers has transformed. This raises the question, "what is digital customer experience?" Digital customer experience (DCX) is the sum of all interactions between a customer and a company through digital channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media, and other digital touchpoints. DCX affects everyone – businesses, customers, and even employees – making it a critical component of a company's overall strategy. 


According to a study by PWC, 73% of consumers point to customer experience as a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions. Moreover, customers are willing to pay up to 16% more for a better experience. With these statistics in mind, it's clear that a positive digital customer experience can lead to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

7 Unique and Often Overlooked Tips on Improving Digital Customer Experience

Often, companies overlook these essential tips or neglect them due to a lack of understanding, resource constraints, or competing priorities. Many businesses may not realize the significant impact these strategies can have on their digital customer experience and, ultimately, their bottom line. Additionally, some organizations might struggle to allocate resources, such as time, budget, and personnel, to tackle these improvements, especially when they are already juggling various tasks and goals. Lastly, the constantly evolving digital landscape can make it challenging for companies to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. As a result, businesses may inadvertently miss out on opportunities to optimize their digital customer experience. By recognizing the importance of these tips and making a conscious effort to prioritize them, companies can avoid these pitfalls and create a more engaging, satisfying online experience for their customers.



1. Accessibility

Ensuring your website or app is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, is crucial for an inclusive digital customer experience. By implementing accessibility features, such as keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and clear visual design, you can cater to a broader audience and make your digital touchpoints more welcoming.

One way to ensure accessibility is by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Regularly testing your website or app with accessibility tools and engaging users with disabilities to gather feedback can help you maintain and improve accessibility over time.


Omnichannel Support_t

2. Omnichannel Support

Offering consistent support across multiple channels like live chat, email, social media, and phone calls makes it convenient for customers to reach out whenever they need assistance. This consistency in communication can significantly improve the overall digital customer experience.

For example, Amazon has excelled in providing omnichannel support by allowing customers to access help through chat, email, and phone calls. In 2020, Amazon even introduced a "Call Me Now" feature that connects customers with an agent within minutes. This proactive approach to customer support has contributed to Amazon's reputation for exceptional customer service.



3. Personalization

Using data-driven insights to provide personalized content, product recommendations, and targeted offers can improve customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates. By tracking user behavior, preferences, and past purchases, businesses can tailor their offerings to individual customers, enhancing their digital experience.

Netflix is an excellent example of a company that leverages personalization to improve the digital customer experience. The streaming platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze user behavior, preferences, and viewing history, continually refining its recommendations to offer a more customized experience. This personalized approach has played a significant role in Netflix's continued growth and user retention.


Streamlined Navigation_t

4. Streamlined Navigation

Designing your website or app with user-friendly navigation allows customers to find what they're looking for with ease. A clean layout, intuitive menus, and clear calls-to-action are essential elements of streamlined navigation. Regularly reviewing and updating your website or app's structure can help maintain an optimal user experience.

Zappos, a leading online shoe and clothing retailer, has consistently prioritized streamlined navigation on its website. With a clean design, easy-to-use search functionality, and well-organized product categories, Zappos ensures that customers can quickly find and purchase items, contributing to their overall digital customer experience.


Proactive Customer Support_t

5. Proactive Customer Support

Anticipating potential issues and offering solutions before customers even realize they need help saves time and frustration. Providing FAQs, tutorials, and preemptive assistance through chatbots or live agents can significantly enhance the digital customer experience.

Amazon is known for its proactive customer support approach. In 2018, the company introduced proactive notifications for delivery updates, ensuring customers are informed about potential delays or issues. By proactively addressing customer concerns, Amazon has built a reputation for excellent customer service.


Regularly Update Content_t

6. Regularly Update Content

Keeping your website or app fresh and engaging by updating content regularly and ensuring all information is accurate and relevant is crucial for a positive digital customer experience. Regularly reviewing and updating content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, and promotional materials, can help maintain user interest and trust.

Netflix continually updates its content library, adding new titles and removing outdated ones. This commitment to fresh, relevant content ensures that users always have something new to watch, contributing to their overall satisfaction and engagement with the platform.


Collect Feedback_t

7. Collect Feedback

Continuously gathering customer feedback through surveys, reviews, and social media can help you identify areas for improvement and enhance your digital customer experience. Actively engaging with customers and addressing their concerns demonstrates your commitment to their needs and fosters loyalty.

Zappos is a company that excels in collecting and implementing customer feedback. They maintain an open line of communication with customers through various channels, including social media and email surveys. By actively seeking feedback and using it to make improvements, Zappos has become known for its exceptional customer service and ever-evolving digital experience.

Focusing on these 7 often overlooked tips mentioned in this article can significantly enhance your digital customer experience. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Zappos have all demonstrated the power of continuously improving their digital customer experience by implementing these strategies. By prioritizing accessibility, omnichannel support, personalization, streamlined navigation, proactive customer support, regular content updates, and feedback collection, you too can elevate your business's digital presence and foster long-lasting customer relationships.