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Marketing strategy and top-shelf creative services.


Discover the Advantage

Escape the bubble.

We know how it goes... you pay premium prices to a big name agency and expect to be treated fairly. Your account executive delivered a great pitch. Excitedly, you signed the contract. Then, your account was handed off to junior-level, c-list talent. Your budget isn't big enough to justify a-lister talent. Those are held in reserve for the supermassive clients.

We know how it goes because we used to work for these agencies, just another cog in the great marketing agency wheel. After witnessing these injustices firsthand, we decided to create a better agency. An agency that only works with customers it cares about. An agency where everyone gets to work with top-tier talent from all over the world. At Remark, we don't have a c-team.

We are different.

Hub and Spoke Marketing

Remark is located at the center of a of global web of talent, resources and companies.  With our cooperative mindset, "We don't compete. We collaborate." we send the message that Remark is willing to work with any other agency who can improve the results for our clients. 

We Test

Testing is the foundation of a growth mindset. We test and validate all our ideas.  We aren't fans of guesswork. We share our findings with you so you can feel confident that you are not wasting money on things that don’t lead to success. 


Unique Partner

We have strong relationships with a wide range of partner agencies and businesses in Japan that help us provide comprehensive marketing solutions. Our network connections are growing stronger by the day, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the result of your marketing efforts.

We help.

Sony Pictures
Asset 25
Terrace Mall
Land Rover
One Championship

Our capabilities.


Discovery & Research
Data Analysis
Focus Groups
Market Research
User Experience
Brand Strategy & Architecture
Content Strategy


Brand Development & Rebranding
Logo & ID Systems
Brand Style Guides
Collateral, Print & Packaging
Marketing Campaigns


Website Design & Development
Information Architecture
Custom Content Management Systems
Marketing Automation Systems
CRM systems
Hotel Management Systems



Script Development
Video Production


Tabérumo: Extending  the reach of a niche product.

Remark helped Tabérumo create a new brand and positioning, helping them focus on a new growing market while remaining true to the company’s principles and vision. We developed new online properties that cut their abandoned cart rate in half and increased cart recovery by 4x. We helped them establish new business development opportunities, increased product awareness and improved their education materials.

Read The Taberumo Case Study
Targeted User Research

Remark helped us sign a successful Spiderman Homecoming tie-up deal with Calbee.  It was a win for both our companies with exposure for the movie release and increased chip sales.  Thanks, Remark!

Sasa, Sony Pictures

Plan on Marketing in Japan? Talk to Remark first.

Plan on marketing in Japan?

Talk to us first.

We don't want rain on your parade, but marketing in Japan is hard.

First, you'll find a few big advertising agencies who will give you the same answer to every problem you have... ads. Then, you learn pretty quickly that these agencies don't have your best interest in mind. 

We'd love to save you the time and trouble. When you're ready to break into the Japanese market, give us a shout.  We can help you with a strategy, and help you navigate the confusing marketing channels of Japan. 

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